Now Offering "Branded Generics"

You've asked, so we've delivered! element4 skin science studio is now offering a full suite of tried and true, validated OTC formulas for use in the fast growing "branded generics" personal care product market.

A branded generic is an OTC drug that is bio-equivalent to the original product, but is marketed under another company's uniquely designed brand name. These products are an attractive business proposition for retailers and wholesale distributors wishing to purchase branded products directly from a CMO, as they enjoy low research and development costs and sustainable sales due to higher margins.

Unlike "private label" products, branded generics are custom formulations with packaging unique to each company. Some of the examples of branded generic OTC products that the PakLab element4 studio can produce are:

  • Hair Growth Treatments
  • Acne Treatments
  • Toenail Fungus Treatments
  • Medicated Mouth Rinse
  • Pain Relief BOV Spray
  • Contact Cleansing Solutions
  • ...many more!

Contact us today to get your branded generic out on the shelf!
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