A Heroic Purpose

Protect the environment & combat poverty

While providing non-timbered, rare, & revitalizing ingredients


The Brazilian Enterprise for the Conservation of Forests (EBCF) provides natural, rain forest derived ingredients from plants, leaves, fruits and bark harvested by hand, in their natural habitat. EBCF owns 50,000 acres of Amazonian forest that they refused to timber. Instead, they opted to preserve the land and create a program through which local families could benefit.

Through PakLab's Amazonian Alliance, impactful social programs are being implemented to improve the living conditions and raise the standard of basic health for the families and children in the local communities.

Our Client Companies are invited to adopt and embrace a humanitarian and environmental protection cause that will create public trust while providing the very best, ethically sourced ingredients available.


15+ different communities

350 families and 1,750 people

Social & Environmental Programs

Education, Income Generation, Infrastructure, Sports, The Arts, & Monitoring Systems

Improve Health & Living Conditions

Eco-Friendly Housing, Safe Drinking Water, Health Kits, & Local Health Care Workers


Each one of the filled products that your company produces at PakLab contributes to the promotion of the Global Sustainability Program of Amazon Rainforest Conservation and CO2 Emissions Reduction called WE ARE AMAZONIANS

  • Conservation of the 50,000 acre Amazon Rio Sustainable Reserve located in the Manicore Municipality, in the State of Amazonas, Brazil.
  • Biodiversity protection in an area that is home to over 500 rare species, including native flora and fauna endangered facing extinction.
  • Protection of surrounding waterways and rivers of enormous relevance to our planet.
  • Support for the sustainable development of 15 riverside communities, benefiting over 3,000 people with implementation of social projects in the areas of education, health, income-generation and infra-structure.
  • Reduction of 3 million tons of CO2.
  • Creation and management of 10 million acres of NEW PROTECTED SUSTAINABLE RESERVES to support and benefit 30,000 local people and reduce approximately 50 million tons of CO2.
  • Sustainable Harvesting of Non-Timber forest products, raw materials and ingredients.
  • Scientific Research of new ingredients and products.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.